Pulp Circle makes pulp molded packaging from recycled paper and cardboard


At Pulp Circle we design and manufacture sustainable packaging from recycled materials. Using recycled paper and recycled cardboard, we pulp, mould and after-press the materials into new formats such as protective packaging, retail packaging and industrial packaging. We can even make finished consumer products.

By applying our molded fiber technology to an innovative approach to packaging design, we can help customers meet their sustainability targets, whilst enhancing their brand with a high end product.

Our finished products are readily recyclable themselves, making the process a truly cradle-to-cradle cycle.

It’s the reason we call ourselves Pulp Circle.

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UK:- +44 20 3239 4149
North America:- +1 917 267 8649
China:- +86 1380 666 2078
Hong Kong:- +852 9339 0057





  • molded fiber can be shaped to fit any product
  • pulp packaging is highly versatile across a huge range of product sizes and types
  • the tooling process is very quick and simple





  • pulp molded products and packaging are highly durable
  • molded fiber products are temperature resistant and;
  • they absorb vibration and impact effectively





  • material inputs are stable – no volatility around resin or corrugate prices
  • tooling is cost effective
  • products are space efficient for shipping and warehousing




  • we can help you design retail packaging
  • packaging is easy to customise with shape, branding and high quality finishing
  • environmental credentials are brand enhancing